Real Purpose With Pastor Bob Podcast

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Welcome to Real Purpose weekly podcast hosted by I am an ordained minister of the Wesleyan Church and currently in my Doctor of Ministry Studies with Wesley Seminary with the emphasis on “Spiritual Formation.” I am currently the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Wesleyan Church in Scott City Missouri. It only took me 43 years to discover who Jesus is and the real purpose God had planned for my life. From a non-Christian to a follower of Christ January 29th 2003.

I realized my lifes purpose and passion collided with Christ, I have never worked a day since. Of course, I have been employed as an ordained minister of the Wesleyan Church where I served on Staff at Skyline Wesleyan Church La Mesa California and I Pastored Thrive CCC in Apache Junction Arizona , New Rock Wesleyan Church Loganville Georgia, alongside my wife Sandy who is my Assistant Pastor. While pastoring in Arizona I had a weekly radio show where I discussed that God created us with a plan for our lives.

Over the years I have met many people including professing Christians who had no idea what their purpose was and often working jobs and living lives that they did not enjoy, no sense of security, significance or passion. My podcast is dedicated to discussing what the Bible has to say about God having a plan for our lives and the significance of the many “If’s and Buts” in the Bible. What does what was written then mean for you today! God has a plan and what role does spiritual formation have in reaching that purpose in Gods’ plan for your life!

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